look what joana gave me. thank you joana (◡‿◡✿)

i like this picture so yeah

here it is <3

yesterday i saw my favourite band live for the first time and it was the best damn day of my life. everything was worth it. i was in the front row and mike smiled and pointed at me the whole time. he laughed when he saw my sign. he did a pose when i took a picture. then tré saw my sign, he said yes and in the end he threw the 2 drumsticks in my direction and i got one. and the show was perfect. i just. i cried so much idek. thank you green day, thank you so much

so this is the sign i’m gonna take to green day’s concert on friday. 3 freAKING DAYS

ayooo have my face yo

she lets me take photos with her so yeah, have my face and my cute cat

look what i got today *-*

thank you thank you thank you